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John Colet School events


Primary Shakespeare Festival Dates

The evening-only performances are on the following dates:
Tue 28th October - 3T and 3J and 4R
Wed 29th October - 5D and 5K
Thu 30th October - 4N and  6th

Performances start at 6.30pm this year.

Bookings through the Glen Street Theatre booking office.


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Sanskrit course for Adults

6 Week Sanskrit Course For Parents

A short Sanskrit Course which includes learning some of the prayers and the Sanskrit alphabet will be offered to anyone interested commencing on:
Tuesday, October 14th  to Tuesday November 18th from 8.30am – 9.30am

In the Sanskrit Room D7 (next to Art Room)

Cost : $30.00

Return students: $20.00

If you are interested or would like to discuss any details please contact: Joan Childs at the school.

Or email on jchilds@johncolet.nsw.edu.au


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Come along to the P&F 2nd hand uniform sale morning

on Monday September 15th, 8am

Term 4 means Summer Uniform!

  • Are you ready?
  • Are your dresses above the knee?
  • Are your shirts too tight?
  • Are your shorts, well, short?
  • Are those shirts less than white?!

Come along to the P&F FIRST 2nd hand uniform morning on Monday 15th September.

  • Bring your too small items for donation.
  • Have reasonable quality items but need a slightly bigger size? Talk to one of the ladies in the know about swapping like for like.
  • Summer, sports and winter uniforms available (get a head start on next year!)
  • Tell your friends with infants starting next year.

Second hand uniforms only.

In the breezeway 8am till 10.30am

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John Bell is coming

John Bell’s annual visit to the school to see our student Shakespeare performances is now confirmed for:TUESDAY OCTOBER 14TH 10.30AM.

John Bell, founder of the Bell Shakespeare Company, is Patron of our Shakespeare Festivals and each year generously gives his time to watch short excerpts of plays and encourage our students in a love of Shakespeare.


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Getting performance ready for Shakespeare

Our Infants Shakespeare Festival is racing towards us.  Now is the time our youngest students are focusing on nailing their lines, projecting their voices, perfecting their gestures and really understanding the fine language of their scripts. 

Wednesday 6th August
9:30 -10:00 am          Lower First (Kindergarten)         Midsummer Night’s Dream
5:30- 6:00 pm            Second Class                            Much Ado About Nothing

Thursday 7th August
9:30 -10:00 am          Upper First (Year 1)                  The Merchant of Venice
5:30- 6:00 pm            Lower First (Kindergarten)         Midsummer Night’s Dream

Friday 8th August
9:30 -10:00 am           Second Class                           Much Ado About Nothing
5:30- 6:00 pm            Upper First (Year 1)                   The Merchant of Venice

Venue:                    John Colet School, 6 Wyatt Ave, Belrose

The children perform in full costume and stage make-up, and while their plays are abridged, the fine language and nuance of Shakespeare is retained.

If you are interested in seeing these plays performed, contact our Registrar Mrs James to arrange a viewing.

Below are two snaps from today's classroom rehearsal of a key scene in Upper First's The Merchant of Venice.

infants-shakespeare  infants-shakespeare-2

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Open Day is just one occasion where our different choirs showcase their talents

John Colet School has a long tradition in teaching children to sing fine music, and Open Day is just one occasion where our different choirs showcase their talents.  From L. van Beethoven to Andrew Lloyd Webber, every item the students performed was a standout.  Like if you agree.

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Vice Consul to India 'enchanted' by our Sanskrit speakers

The Vice Consul of India Mr Harjeet Singh Sethi was impressed by our students' performances at our recent Sanskrit recitation finals.

He is pictured below with Primary aged winners Elliot, Felicity and Luke.  Elliot's performance was particularly impressive as he has only been learning Sanskrit for little over a term, having joined John Colet School on our Year 5 Scholarship program.



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John Colet Sanskrit Recitation

John Colet Sanskrit Recitation
After Open Day, John Colet School gets ready for our Infants Shakespeare Festival (in early August, held at the school) in earnest.  More on Shakespeare in later blog posts.  In the meantime, we’ve been busy preparing for the Sanskrit Recitation Finals on Thursday 5th June.  We ask the Indian Consul General to attend, and some years he is able to fit it in to his busy schedule, and we are very lucky to have wonderful Sanskrit scholars attend as guest judges. This year Dr Gary Grohmann and Mrs Ineke Blakeman will do the judging.

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Fabulous BUNdraiser gets great result

Hot cross bun FUNdraiser

We did it! A fantastic result in raising enough funds (just) for a new industrial rice cooker for the kitchen. Thank you to everyone who placed an order. Over 1000 hot cross buns are being baked exclusively for us next week by the lovely Kim and her team at Forestville Bakery. We are thrilled with the result and hope to have this BUNdraiser added to the calendar as an annual event.

Congratulations and thanks to the T-H family for selling the most buns. They will be receiving a $20 voucher kindly donated by the Forestville Bakery. Enjoy your baked goodies, those donuts looked great and I have heard wonderful things about the sourdough loaves!

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