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Events at John Colet School

Providing opportunities for busy parents to get together, socially, at the school is important at John Colet School.  A regular event that has started this year is a morning tea / breakfast at the school, hosted by the Headmaster (with help from our chef Donna in the school kitchen!) for each of the different grade years.  Not all parents can come of course, as they will have work demands straight after the school drop off run, but for those who have a half hour to spare, it’s a pleasant way to catch up with other parents in the grade year. 

Class parents also organise occasional get-togethers for parents either at cheap-and-cheerful restaurants or at play parks after school or in the weekend, especially in Summer.

Another development this year has been to run the school’s P&F meetings in the evening one month, the following month after drop off in the morning at school. This has helped more parents get to a meeting if the drop off timing suits them better, or if they are at work during the day.

One of the roles of the P&F is to organise social events too, usually one per term.  This term we are planning a family fun film night, let’s hope the great weather continues!

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